Quick and courteous deliveries, no long wait times for cold food. Delivering your favorite restaurant’s food in South Burnaby and New Westminster.

We Deliver DMS Japanese Restaurant Food Delivery

Fusion Core Japanese Eatery (Sushi)
7894 6th St Burnaby V3N 3N3
(604) 524-6596

We Deliver DMS Chinese & Taiwanese Restaurant Food Delivery

Pearl Castle Cafe
14-4429 Kingsway Burnaby V5H 2A1
(604) 559-7929

We Deliver DMS Pizza Delivery

Pizza Art (Mediterranean & Halal)
7239 Kingsway Burnaby V5E 1G5
(604) 553-8383

We Deliver DMS Thai Restaurant Food Delivery

Twinkle Thai
7080 Kingsway Burnaby V5E 1E7
(778) 783-0099

We Deliver DMS Pizza Delivery

Pizza Factory (Indian Food)
7898 – 6th St, Burnaby, B.C.
(604) 540-4444

We Deliver DMS Indian Restaurant Food Delivery

Bombay Bistro
7558 6th St Burnaby V3N 3ME
(604) 553-1719